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4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment

4 YORKS is an Army Reserve infantry battalion and part of 4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East. It provides individuals and groups to support the Regular Army and in particular our other Yorkshire Regiment battalions during operations. 4 YORKS is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Mark Yates and our Battalion Headquarters is Worsley Barracks in Fulford, York.
4th Battalion Update – September 2015

The Army 2020 plan and recruitment continue to dominate and will continue to do so. The numbers of soldiers and officers joining the Battalion continue to grow steadily. We have received confirmation that B Company in Middlesbrough will continue as a full company - currently the fastest growing Reserve sub-unit in the North of England.

Operations and Training
The majority of training has been delivered at company level, concentrating on individual and platoon level Collective Training (CT). The 4 YORKS personnel that deployed to Ex ASKARI STORM acquitted themselves superbly, integrating platoons seamlessly into the 1 LANCS rifle companies for the CT Level 3/4 level phase of the exercise. 4 YORKS also provided various individuals into Brigade HQ, Battlegroup HQ and A1 Echelon. The competence and resilience of the Reserve soldiers and officers was admirably demonstrated and they received much praise from both 1 LANCS and the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) staff. In August our paired unit changed with the arrival of 2 YORKS from Cyprus.

In June, the Battalion exercised the freedom of the City of Leeds on Armed Forces Day. This was especially meaningful as it was the first time since formation day that The Colours had been on parade in public. It was a great day with a full guard of 140 each from both 2 YORKS and 4 YORKS. Thereafter, Helmand Company put on the first Battalion families’ day for many years in York; it was a fantastic and will hopefully become an annual event.

This summer, the Battalion will have trained, conducted adventure training, and supported other units in the UK; Germany, USA, Kenya, Egypt, France, the Falkland Islands and South Africa.

In September, the Battalion undertakes an Annual Deployment Exercise (ADE) which presents the chance to catch up on much needed career courses and familiarisation training for the wealth of new equipment that has appeared over the last year.

Key Appointments
The following appointment took place:

  • Lieutenant Colonel M YATES appointed Commanding Officer (6th October)
  • Captain M-A POOTS appointed Adjutant

Sport & Adventurous Training
Once again there is little in the way of collective sport. Platoon level participation in local triathlons and charity runs have taken place in most locations with Burma Company once again supporting the Thornton family’s fund raising efforts in the Barnsley area.

In the next few months, the activity of note will include the Brigade military skills competition, Cambrian Patrol, Brigade CAST, a 3rd Short Term Training Team (STTT) to Uganda, paired support to 2 YORKS on Exercise WESSEX STORM.

4 YORKS - Spare-time opportunities

The 4th Battalion recruits spare-time soldiers and specialist tradesmen from our eight Army Reserve Centres. Speak to our recruit mentoring team about what's currently on offer for ex-Regulars and new recruits. We also recruit females for some posts.

Fitness training throughout training

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