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1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment

1 YORKS is an armoured infantry battalion and part of 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade, one of the Army’s deployable brigades. It is equipped with the WARRIOR Armoured Fighting Vehicle, in a role which allows them to provide shock action and endurance to any operational force. They are experts in mounted close combat.  1 YORKS is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel James Kennedy.

1st Battalion Update – March 2017

The arrival of 2017 saw us move from the ‘other tasks’ year into the ‘training year’ of the Army’s operational readiness cycle and the Battalion is in good shape to meet the challenge.

Operations and Training
The Battalion is well and truly focussed on end-states rather than in support of the wider Army which was the case last year.  The year sees 1 YORKS aim to achieve success at our keynote exercise on the Canadian prairie in BATUS in the summer and subsequently, be ready to deploy anywhere in the world at short notice as part of the Vanguard Armoured Infantry Brigade or as the Lead Armoured Task Force.

At the tactical level, the Battalion has commenced our run-in training for BATUS and are benefitting from the increased resources of the training year.   This has seen some highly imaginative and stimulating training on the mounted and dismounted ranges at Castlemartin in West Wales, where a glorious three weeks of Welsh weather enabled some really high-quality ranges and some correspondingly good results.  Skills refreshed with live firing, have then been translated into platoon level run-outs on Salisbury Plain to begin to knit collective skills.  This platform will then be developed in BATUS and will build on a Platoon-level base through to Company-level and culminating in the full Battle Group being tested.

The following appointment has taken place:

  • WO1 A MORRISON appointed Regimental Sergeant Major

Sport and Adventure Training
On the sporting front, the Battalion remains vigilant in the desire to ensure all soldiers are able to spend some time on the sports field.  As it moves towards the business-end of the seasons for the two main sports; rugby and football, the battalion shows strong showings on both fronts and look with optimism to the coming few weeks where the final outcomes will be settled.  On the football front, it is noteworthy that the Quartermaster, Major Nick Wilson has briefly departed to take up post as Deputy Chief of Staff for Operation ORBITAL in Ukraine (he will return as Officer Commanding Quebec Company).  The amount of work, effort, and enthusiasm he has committed to the 1 YORKS football team has been phenomenal.   It has seen them consistently at the very top of Army football for about the last decade and although his input and drive will be sorely missed, it is to his credit that he has developed those around him to the extent that in his absence we remain fighting fit and hungry for success.

1 YORKS is preparing to take part in Armoured Infantry exercises in Canada in the summer.  There are a number of commitments that we already know are coming and in 2018, elements of 1 YORKS will find themselves in Estonia as part of the UK’s commitment to show our NATO resolve and support to our allies in the Baltics.  The exact size and shape of the commitment is not yet clear.  We look forward to the challenges.

1st Battalion [1 YORKS]

1 YORKS is an Armoured Infantry battalion equipped with the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle. The high levels of protection, firepower, ground mobility and sustainability make them well suited to providing both shock action and the endurance element of any operational force.

The 1st Battalion is part of 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade and is based in Warminster, Wiltshire.

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