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2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment

2 YORKS is a light role infantry battalion and is responsible for guarding the UK Retained sites around Cyprus.  It is equipped with a range of small arms, support weapons and are expert at dismounted close combat.  We move to Catterick in 2015 where we re-role as a Light Mechanised Battalion under 4 Infantry Brigade. 2 YORKS is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Philip Bassingham-Searle.

2nd Battalion Update – November 2014

This month the Battalion finished providing the Theatre Reserve Battalion and in now responsible for guarding the UK Retained sites around Cyprus.

Operations and Training
Currently,the Battalion have a Short Term Training Team (STTT) deployed in Erbil, Iraq training the Peshmerga in the use of heavy weapons and revising their basic infantry skills.  The STTT is based around Burma Company, supported by Quebec (Support) Company.

In preparation for the Battalion’s move back to Catterick in August 15, it has begun converting to a Light Mechanized role.  This includes driver training on the FOX HOUND, RWMIK and MASTIFF vehicles, as well re-roling the third platoon in each rifle coy as a machine gun platoon, converting the Fire Support Group Platoon to Anti-Tanks and training the Assault Pioneers.

The Rifle Companies have also been deployed on Overseas Exercises, most recently Alma Coy went to Romania for three weeks and Burma Coy will be going to the Falkland Islands.

Sport and Adventure Training
The Battalion has almost completed the Duke of Wellington’s Trophy, awarded for Inter Coy Sport.  The events are Football, Rugby, Cross Country running and Triathlon.  Currently, Quebec Company are in the lead, with only the rugby competition left.  The Battalion is also mounting a series of Adventure Training Expeditions, namely Mountaineering on Mont Blanc, Trekking in the Drankensberg Mountains in South Africa and Diving in the Red Sea.

Key Appointments
The following appointment took place:

  • Major ARR TOWNEND – Battalion Second in Command
  • Major JJ AYRE appointed Officer Commanding Alma Coy
  • Major M CLOUGH appointed Officer Commanding Burma Coy
  • Major A BREACH appointed Officer Commanding Quebec (Support) Coy
  • Major AW PLEDGER appointed Officer Commanding Helmand Coy
  • Captain CWL LUNN MC appointed Adjutant

The Battalion looks forward to our return to Catterick in Summer 2015 and re-role to a Light Mechanised Battalion under 4 Infantry Brigade.

1st Battalion [1 YORKS]

1 YORKS is an Armoured Infantry battalion equipped with the WARRIOR Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV). The high levels of protection, firepower, ground mobility and sustainability make them well suited to providing both shock action and the endurance element of any operational force.

The 1st Battalion is part of the Land Warfare Centre based in Wiltshire.

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