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2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment

2 YORKS is a light role infantry battalion based in Cyprus and is the Theatre Reserve Battalion (TRB).  It is equipped with a range of small arms and support weapons, and is at high readiness to move rapidly anywhere in the region. They are expert at dismounted close combat.  2 YORKS is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Philip Bassingham-Searle.

2nd Battalion Update – March 2014

As the Theatre Reserve Battalion (TRB) based in Cyprus, 2 YORKS remain at high readiness to react quickly and decisively, in Afghanistan and anywhere within the region.

Summary of Activity
2 YORKS Company Groups continue to rotate as lead company at 48hrs notice to move. The lead company also assume the role as Commander British Forces Cyprus’s reserve, a public order trained company, able to assist the local authorities in the case of any civil unrest in the Sovereign Base Areas.

Burma and Corunna Companies have recently returned from the UK participating in Ex PASHTUN PANTHER, a company group level exercise conducted in Thetford. Alma Company has deployed to Jordan in to support Royal Engineers Explosive and Ordinance Disposal (EOD) units during Ex PASHTUN LINKS 7.

The Platoons have just trained and competed in the Hamilton Trophy, an infantry skills competition testing the Platoons fitness, shooting, navigation, first aid and communication skills. We await the results.

Sport and Adventure Training
The Battalion football and cross-country teams continue to perform well in their respective Cyprus leagues and soldiers continue to enjoy the opportunities available to them on island. The companies will compete for the Duke of Wellington’s Cup, awarded to the Company demonstrating the greatest sporting aptitude. This includes five sports; football, rugby, boxing, cross-country running and triathlon. The Battalion’s Inter-Company Boxing Finals took place at the end of January, which included ten scoring and two exhibition bouts and was won by Quebec Company.

The Battalion will return to Catterick Garrison in 2015 and assume the role as a Light Role Protected Mobility (PM) Battalion as part of Army 2020 restructuring.

1st Battalion [1 YORKS]

1 YORKS is an Armoured Infantry battalion equipped with the WARRIOR Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV). The high levels of protection, firepower, ground mobility and sustainability make them well suited to providing both shock action and the endurance element of any operational force.

The 1st Battalion is part of the Land Warfare Centre based in Wiltshire.

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