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The Fusiliers. For England and St George

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers is a forward thinking, adaptable and professional infantry regiment.

The Fusiliers have a Regular Battalion (1RRF) based in Tidworth, equipped with the WARRIOR Armoured Infantry fighting vehicle and are part of the Reaction Forces A2020. Our Reserve Battalion (5RRF) specialises in light role operations and is currently based in Durham and Newcastle. Both battalions have the ability to deploy highly motivated and trained soldiers who can adapt quickly to any challenging scenario.

The Fusiliers have been involved in every major conflict in the last 400 years, but more recently have been heavily involved in Northern Ireland, Iraq (Op TELIC) and Afghanistan (Op HERRICK). The Fusilier Regiment is looking forward to an exceptionally challenging and rewarding training year with many exercises overseas, culminating in assuming a key role in the Army’s new structure.

The Fusiliers are capable of meeting every challenge with courage, determination and have proven their ability to succeed in the tough environment that is modern soldiering. The Regiment has a very strong ethos, a close knit bond and is very proud to be “England’s Finest”. We offer full regular and reserve opportunities and are recruiting now.

If you think you have got what it takes to wear the Hackle and to be a Fusilier, then click on the navigation tabs to find out more.

"Once a Fusilier, always a Fusilier"

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