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Scots Guards

The Scots Guards are part of 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade. Although famous for its bearskins and scarlet tunics, they are only one part of the Regiment's day to day tasks. First and foremost Scots Guardsmen are Combat Infantry soldiers, trained and ready to deploy on operations at any time, anywhere in the world.

Mechanized Infantry

Soldiers from 1st Battalion, The Scots Guards, are pictured patrolling Lashkar Gar in Helmand Province Afghanistan, using the Husky (Protected Highly Mobile Tactical Support Vehicle). Mechanized Infantry is a combat-ready, frontline role. Scots Guardsmen are all infantry soldiers first, but they are also qualified drivers, gunners and commanders on the latest vehicles used on operations in Afghanistan.

A Mechanized Infantry Battalion is one of the key elements of a Mechanized Brigade. The Battalion is always ready for the next challenge likely to be faced by the nation, and to provide a swift mounted infantry capability to deal with a crisis at home or abroad.

1st Battalion Scots Guards

A guardsman on exercise in long grass with a his weapon. Library picThe Battalion is currently stationed in Catterick, North Yorkshire where it will remain until mid 2015. After that it will move to Aldershot, which is due to become the new centre of excellence for the Mechanized Infantry. The Battalion is made up of three rifle companies, a support weapons company which includes Reconnaissance, Anti Tank, Mortar and Machine Gun Platoons, and a HQ company.

Life in the Battalion is varied and challenging. One day you could be driving across the plains of Alberta, Canada in a Mastiff, and the next you are packing your kit to go on an adventure training exercise in Nepal. The Battalion competes to a high standard in football and rugby, while many Guardsmen represent the Battalion in cross country, skiing and squash. There are more than 45 different sports on offer, and if you’re good enough you can play them right up to Army, or even national level.

Scots Guardsmen are fiercely proud of their unbroken service and loyalty to Queen and country. They have a hard-won reputation as fighting soldiers. The Scots Guards have served on operations all over the world, but most recently in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Falkland Islands.

F Company

F Company Scots Guards march through the streets of London to Wellington Barracks.F Company is a small independent branch of the Regiment which is based permanently in London. F Company provides Royal Guards to Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Tower of London.

You can expect a short tour in F Company on completion of training as a newly qualified combat infantryman. When not on royal duties providing the ‘shop window’ for the country, the Guardsmen of F Company can be found on exercise all over the world. Recent trips include Poland, Kazakhstan, Belize and Spain.

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