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Trades and skills

The London Regiment Capabilities

Rifleman, Gunner, Anti-Tanks, Pioneer, Mortars, Signaller

Machine Gun Platoon

The machine gun platoon consists of medium general purpose machine guns (GPMG). This weapon has an effective range of around 1100m and provides a huge weight of fire in support of manoeuvring rifle companies and platoons.

Anti-Tank (JAVELIN) Platoon

The Anti-Tank platoon will be equipped with the new Javelin weapons system which is a missile with a range of 1950m. The Javelin missile will penetrate the armour of most main battle tanks.

Assault Pioneer Platoon

The assault pioneers are trained in demolitions, obstacle crossing by boat, bridge or mine clearance and are an incredibly important part of the Battalion. Without these troops, the rest of the Battalion are often unable to carry out the job that they are required to do.

Mortar Platoon

The mortar platoon provides the Battalion's internal indirect fire support. The Battalion has complete control of this weapon system, rather than having to ask for it from a higher formation. The weapon used is the 81mm mortar which is an extremely effective, reliable and - in good hands - accurate weapon. The mortar platoon can fire smoke, high explosive or illuminating rounds in order to allow the Battalion to carry out its job.

Signals Platoon

Signals platoon has an important and challenging job to carry out within the Battalion. They are part of Headquarter Company. Their role is to man and support communications within Battalion Headquarters and the four rifle companies. They are also responsible for the maintenance for all the communications equipment held within the whole Battalion.

Specialist Trades

Discover what specialist skills a combat infantry man can acquire


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