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B Company (Queen's Regiment)

Based at Edgware and Hornsey, B Company provides the opportunity for both north Londoners and those from the Home Counties to take up the challenge of serving in the Infantry. The Company has a tradition of no-nonsense soldiering, based on demanding and tough training combined with significant levels of operational experience at all levels.

In addition to the Company's two rifle platoons, the specialist machine gun platoon based at Hornsey provides an opportunity for advanced training and the development of the more experienced soldiers. Recent operational experience has shown just how critical the machine gun's fire support can be.

The Company also has a limited number of supporting roles working within the Company Headquarters. There is a significant social and recreational side to the Company. Part of this is organised with non-military activities, like adventurous training, and social events.


Rifle Platoon

A rifle platoon consists of 3 sections. Each section consists of riflemen armed with the SA80 A2 assault rifle, light support weapon (LSW), anti tank rockets, grenades and other specialist equipment

Machine Gun Platoon

The Machine Gun Platoon consists of the medium general purpose machine guns (GPMG). This weapon has an effective range of 1100m or up to 1800m if the strike is observed. The weapon can be used on a mobile basis or in a sustained fire (SF) role, where a tripod fixes the weapon to a ground mount. The GPMG provides the backbone of direct fire support onto the enemy for the Infantry. The London Regiment used the weapon extensively in contacts during the 2007 deployment to Afghanistan.

Join us

Call: 020 7801 2543
Email: Londons-ROSWO@mod.uk

B Company Fundraising

B Company plays an active role in organising fundraising events to raise money for Soldiers Welfare.


B Company Locations

Army Reserve Centre Edgware

B (Queen's Regiment) Company
The London Regiment
Army Reserve Centre
Deansbrook Road

Tel: 020 8952 5236
Fax: 020 8952 9153

Email: Londons-ROSWO@mod.uk

Title|Army Reserve Centre Edgware ;Lat|51.607064;Lng|-0.274142;Url|

Army Reserve Centre Hornsey

B (Queen's Regiment) Company
The London Regiment
Army Reserve Centre
Priory Road
N8 7RD

Tel: 020 8952 5236
Fax: 020 8952 9153

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