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A Company (London Scottish)

A (London Scottish) Company offers many opportunities to get involved in a variety of both military and recreational activities. The Company is proud of its heritage and has a fine tradition of producing the best trained soldiers for operations; we achieve this by focussing on fitness, shooting and core Infantry skills that are then tested in competitions and courses throughout the year.

The Mortar Platoon based in Catford provides a serious challenge for experienced and committed soldiers. As a 'new' platoon there is scope within this organisation to climb quickly through the ranks and experience the most demanding Army Reserve Infantry training on offer.

Soldiers are particularly encouraged to take part in recreational activities. Our soldiers have participated in rugby, sailing, competitive combat shooting, target pistol shooting, hill walking and deer stalking.


Rifle Platoon

A rifle platoon consists of 3 sections. Each section consists of riflemen armed with the SA80 A2 assault rifle, light support weapon (LSW), anti tank rockets, grenades and other specialist equipment.

Mortar Platoon

The Mortar Platoon provides the Battalion's internal indirect fire support. The Battalion has complete control of this weapon system, rather than requesting support from a higher formation. The 81mm mortar is extremely effective, reliable and is accurate up to 5.6km. The Mortar Platoon can fire smoke, high explosive or illuminating rounds in order to allow the Battalion to carry out its job. Soldiers in the mortar platoon take great pride in their job as they need to be the very fit to transport the mortar and ammunition.

Join us

Call: 020 7801 2543
Email: Londons-ROSWO@mod.uk

A Company Locations

Mortar Platoon, Catford

Mortar Platoon
A (London Scottish) Company
The London Regiment
Army Reserve Centre
Hudson House
Bromley Road

Tel:020 7630 0411
Fax: 020 7414 3487

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Army Reserve Centre, Westminster

1 Platoon and Pipes & Drums
A (London Scottish) Company
The London Regiment
Army Reserve Centre
95 Horseferry Road

Tel: 020 7630 0411
Fax: 020 7414 3487

Email: Londons-ROSWO@mod.uk

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