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A Company (London Scottish)

Who we are

We’re about the same thing we were built on in 1857: belonging.  ‘London Jocks’ have been part of the fabric of the City since then - a fragment of the Scottish martial tradition in the Capital – and yes, unlike any other unit outside of Scotland, we still wear kilts.  

We are proud to be Combat Infantry.  That means earning your place with us.  But it also means belonging and family from the moment you step inside. 

London Scottish Infantry

Welcome to A (London Scottish) Company.

We’re based at 95 Horseferry Road, Westminster.  We meet at 1800 every Tuesday.   There aren’t many Reserve units that have a home like ours.  Joining us in central London also gives you access to:

  • A gym
  • Bar
  • Vibrant social calendar
  • Support networks within our Regimental Trust and Associations

Yes, its going to be hard.  But would you want it if it were easy?  We have 3 Platoons and a number of specialist roles.  

  • I (Mitchell’s) Platoon in Westminster
  • II (Cruickshank’s) Platoon in Westminster
  • III (Train’s) Support Weapons Platoon in Catford

We’ve been one of the most highly deployed Reserve units in the Country.  

Additionally London Jocks have supported:

  • Special Forces
  • Defence Cultural Specialist Unit, 
  • 1 ISR Brigade
  • 77 Brigade
  • 16 Air Assault Brigade
  • and many other famous specialist units
Its not surprising as London has the best talent in the World.  

Additionally London Jocks have supported:

Special ForcesDefence Cultural Specialist Unit, 1 ISR Brigade, 77th Brigade, 16 Air Assault Brigade and many other famous specialist units.

Its not surprising as London has the best talent in the World.  
London Scottish

So if you have skills in:

  • Communications
  • Languages
  • Intelligence
  • Media
  • Medical
  • Training
  • Photography
  • Digital and social
  • Film making/producing
  • Logistics 
  • Chefs

We can use you and want to hear from you!  

I know it takes a lot of confidence to consider joining such a family as this, to step up. 

I can promise you a warm welcome awaits you with my Company.  We have a professional recruitment team ready to talk to you and tailor an experience that suits – we are flexible and there will be no pressure. 

If you want to see the type of training we do on our routine Tuesday nights.

Join us

Joining the reserves is life changing.  This year alone we are mounting expeditions to undergo the WW2 Freedom Trail from France into Spain traversing over 2700m of mountains that Allied agents and POWs used to escape the Nazis and deploying to Australia to train with our Aussie Brethren. 

Forget airsoft and paintball come and have a real experience.     

London Scottish

We want to welcome you to our family

You can email us anytime to find out more, arrange a welcome visit or meet the team face to face. 

Officer Commanding: Major Rob Pitt - londons-a-oc@mod.uk

Recruiting: Colour Sergeant Gaz Evans - Londons-a-rsuso@mod.uk

When we meet

Our Rifle Platoons and specialist teams meet at 95 Horseferry Road, Westminster (just across from Channel 4), from 1800hrs every Tuesday. 

Our Heavy Weapons Platoon meet from 2000hrs every Wednesday at Catford Army Reserve Centre, Bromley Road, SW6 2RH. 

So in closing, there’s no place in the country like The London Scottish to be a reserve soldier.  

We’re building a combat ready company, a family, a place of belonging.  You can be part of that story.  

All you have to do is get in touch. 

Call: 020 7801 2543 

A Company Locations

Mortar Platoon, Catford

Mortar Platoon
A (London Scottish) Company
The London Regiment
Army Reserve Centre
Hudson House
Bromley Road

Tel:020 7630 0411
Fax: 020 7414 3487

Title|Mortar Platoon, Catford;Lat|51.431234 ;Lng|-0.015361;Url|

Army Reserve Centre, Westminster

1 Platoon and Pipes & Drums
A (London Scottish) Company
The London Regiment
Army Reserve Centre
95 Horseferry Road

Tel: 020 7630 0411
Fax: 020 7414 3487

Email: Londons-ROSWO@mod.uk

Title|Army Reserve Centre, Westminster;Lat|51.496032;Lng|-0.134529;Url|

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