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The Rifles

The Rifles is the most modern and largest regiment within The British Army providing unrivalled opportunities within 3-hours travelling time from practically anywhere within the UK. The Regiment's officers and soldiers alike are all Riflemen, recognised for their excellence on the battlefield and an attitude built upon a unique and remarkable history.

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What we do;


What we are:

The Rifles is an Infantry regiment in the heart of the action. We are a family regiment with five Regular Battalions across the UK and their integrated Army Reserve elements. The Rifles offers the widest possible variety of full and part time Army jobs available within the Infantry today.  

It is a special point of pride to say: "I am a Rifleman"

What we offer:

Riflemen are distinct from the rest of the British Army in their outlook, customs and traditions; offering quality young men who want to join The Rifles. 

Respect Riflemen lead the way into battle and have been shaping the future of the British Army for generations.
Independance Riflemen are well paid, live well and work in battalions where every individual’s ideas really count.
Friends for Life Riflemen band together into a close knit brotherhood for life.
Learning Riflemen receive world-class training, supported all along the way, which includes driving licences during basic training and qualifications.
Excitement Riflemen are paid to play sport, go adventurous training and travel the world.
Success Riflemen promote quickly and prosper in later life.

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An overview of The Rifles Regiment and its roles.

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