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The Rifles

Five regular and two Army Reserve battalions, The Rifles offers unique, full time and part time opportunities to acquire skills and to experience a wide range of adventures.

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The Rifles is the largest regiment within the Infantry, thereby offering its soldiers the widest range of base, task and role opportunities available within the Infantry. With five Regular Battalions in varied tasks and different brigades across the UK, reinforced by its own integrated Reserve, the Regiment is certain to play a key part in future operations.

Soldiers within The Rifles are distinct from the rest of the Army in their outlook and traditions. They are recognised for their professional excellence on the battlefield and are foremost all Riflemen, irrespective of their rank. Drawing on a proud history, The Rifles is committed to the three pillars of fitness, shooting and independent thought to develop Riflemen into contemporary thinking, fighting men who are swift and bold.

Selecting from amongst many of the Army’s best applicants, it is a special point of pride to say "I am a Rifleman".

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