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Grenadier Guards

The Grenadier Guards has one of the finest, longstanding reputations as a tough fighting force. A regiment which has a proud history of service to the sovereign in times of war and peace – be it on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan or guarding the royal palaces. This is a regiment in which you will make friends for life because no matter who you are, or where you are from, the deal is this: “Once a Grenadier...always a Grenadier”.

The Grenadier Guards will give you skills and qualifications to set you up for life. They’ll be second nature to you after training and they’ll be more than just certificates on paper. The training will teach you the values and standards of the British Army. You’ll have confidence and motivation. You’ll be physically and mentally tough. You will live by a professional code of excellence and self-discipline. And you’ll have a steady and safe wage coming in every month.

1st Battalion Grenadier Guards

The 1st Battalion is based at Aldershot. It consists of three Rifle companies, Support Company which consists of an anti-tank platoon, a mortar platoon, a reconnaissance platoon and a sniper platoon.

The final company is Headquarter Company, which holds everyone else in the battalion including any attachments such as clerks, chefs and mechanics.

Battalion life is varied and challenging with a wide range of careers and opportunities open to soldiers who join.

Nijmegen Company

Nijmegen Company

Nijmegen Company is an independent company that was created when the 2nd Battalion was placed into suspended animation.

It represents the 2nd Battalion and carries its colours and continues its traditions to this day. Nijmegen Company is also based in London, and is largely focused on public duties and state ceremonial events.

A soldier passing out of basic training will be posted to Nijmegen Company for six to nine months. In this time the Guardsman's training is built upon so he is well prepared to take up his life in the 1st Battalion.

Nijmegen Company also undertakes regular training exercises in England and overseas. Recently, the Company deployed to Jamaica on a month-long jungle training exercise and also the Falkland Islands as the reinforcement company.

Recent adventurous training expeditions have included scuba diving in the Red Sea and skiing in Italy. The Company has also conducted Battlefield tours in Holland, Belgium and France.

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