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Aviation Crewman

An Aviation Crewman provides protection for the aircraft when it is flying over hostile territory. The Lynx is usually flown either very high so the enemy's weapons are unable to reach it, or very low so that it is on top of the enemy before they see it - known as a close-quarter battle run. 


An Aviation Crewman is a member of the groundcrew who is trained to work in the rear of Army aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary. In the Lynx helicopter this could include operating the 7.62mm machine gun as a doorgunner. You may also supervise the movement of personnel in and out of the aircraft, and at times could be assisting in the evacuation of casualties. In Belize an Aviation Crewman can be employed as a winchman for jungle operations.

Experience required

The Aviation Crewman role is open to any member of the Army Air Corps (AAC) groundcrew who has reached, or been recommended for, the rank of Lance Corporal, and passed the Aviation Crewman course.


The experience of being in the rear of an aircraft is the ideal grounding for going on to become a pilot. You will discover how the airframe works, become far more aviation aware and learn exactly what is involved in becoming a pilot in the AAC.