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5 Regiment Batteries

53 (Louisburg) Battery

Formed in 1740 it saw service in the Caribbean protecting and expanding British interests.

The honour title 'Louisburg' commemorates the first stage of the campaign in Canada against the French in the Siege of Louisburg.
In recognition of the tremendous achievement of the company it was awarded the honour title, Louisburg.

K (Hondeghem) Battery

K Battery was formed by the East India Company in Acra, India.  Unusually during this period the majority of the other ranks were British, and mounted to ensure greater manoeuvrability. 

The honorary title of Hondeghem was granted on 24 January 1951 as a result of a battle that took place in the town of Hondeghem on the 27 May 1940.

P Battery (The Dragon Troop)

In 1840, the troop was sent to China to fight in the Opium Wars, during which the British forces captured the Island of Hong Kong. 
In 1841, it provided artillery support for a combined land and sea force assault on the formidable line of forts guarding the mouth of the Siakiang River. 

For its contribution, the Honour title 'Dragon' was conferred, and China Dragon and the years '1840–1842' were included in its insignia.


Q Headquarters (Sanna's Post) Battery

In 1899 Q Battery set sail to fight in the Boer War. 
The battery received orders to capture Bloemfontein. The Boers had laid an ambush at Korn Spruit (Sanna’s Post). Q Battery wheeled the guns about and laid down counter fire. Taking heavy losses the battery carried on and fired non-stop through heavy contact for four hours until the order came to retire. Due to the batteries actions hundreds of lives were saved.

Z Battery

Raised in Poona in March 1824.

In 1857 the troop was in Persia with a force operating against Muhumra when the Indian mutiny broke out and the troop was recalled to Karachi for onward movement to Bombay by sea. The transport was wrecked outside Karachi and the troop lost 5 men and 40 horses.