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39 Regiment Batteries

35 Battery

35 Battery

Most of the Battery has deployed to Afghanistan in support of Op Herrick, deploying with GMLRS.

35 Battery are the senior battery within 39 regiment RA as they were established in 1765. 

Although 35 Battery do not have a recognised battle honour they have been called "The Sabres" or "The Black Scimitars", this being a reference to the battery badge or shield.


51 (Kabul 1842) Battery

Kabul 1842 Battery

Raised in Calcutta in June 1779, it was noted for its distinction in action at both sieges of Seringapatam and briefly (although unofficially) held the title for a number of years.

In 1838 they fought in Kabul to bring Afghanistan under British sovereignty. They provided the Artillery support for the expedition and were awarded the honour title KABUL for their part in the first ever successful forcing of the Khyber Pass.

56 (Olpherts's) Headquarters Battery

Olpherts Battery

During the first relief of Lucknow, Captain Olpherts or 'Hellfire Jack' won the Victoria Cross for conspicuous gallantry; he charged the enemy on horseback and captured two rebel guns which were pouring fire onto the flanks of the advancing forces. To commemorate this distinction the honour title 'Olpherts' was awarded to 56 Battery RA.

74 Battery (The Battleaxe Company)

The Battleaxe Company

Raised at Kilkenny in 1801 from men of the disbanded Royal Irish Artillery.

During the Napoleonic Wars it helped capture the Caribbean island of Martinique. Having distinguished itself two French trophies captured at Martinique were given, a brass drum and a battle axe. The company has been known as Battle Axe Company RA since that day.


132 Battery (The Bengal Rocket Troop)

The Bengal Rocket Troop

The Bengal Rocket Troop was formed as a camel mounted unit in the service of the Honourable East India Company.  They carried a total of 912, 6 pound rockets, in camel carried buckets or by horse drawn carts.

The troop first saw action at the Siege of Hattrass and played a decisive role in the Pindari/Mahratta War with the mountainous terrain during the latter conflict resulting in the Troop being dependant on horseback.


176 (Abu Klea) Battery

Abu Klea Battery

176 Battery is the junior regular battery of the Royal Artillery.
The battery is commonly called "The Abus", and its members as "Abus", after the batteries Honour Title. 

It was formed in 1860 and participated in many campaigns, most notably the Battle of Abu Klea in 1885, where it earned a Victoria Cross and later its Honour Title for distinguished service in this action.

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