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Operations and training

The flexibility, adaptability and the “can do attitude” of our gunners guarantees a seamless transition to the infantry role. The Regiment maintains a reputation for their high standards of soldiering on the battlefield, thus ensuring it “trains hard” in order to “fight easy” whilst on operations.  Demonstrated in the variety of operational tours the Regiment has been deployed on.
See this link for the BBC’s coverage of the Arnhem 70th Anniversary Commemorations which involved members of 7 Para RHA parachuting into Arnhem.

Operational experience

Operational experience is second to none within 7 Para RHA. Since 1990 as well as continuing to support Airborne Forces, the Regiment has deployed a number of times in their primary role as Airborne Gunners delivering the devastating effect of the 105mm Light Guns and all Joint Fires capabilities.

On many occasions the Regiment has also deployed in their secondary role as infantrymen.


Air Assault Task Force (AATF)

An integral part of the Air Assault Task Force (AATF) – the British Army’s very high readiness rapid response force – 7 Para RHA is continually training to ensure it maintains the exacting standards required of it. As well as conducting training exercises all over the UK, the Regiment has recently completed training in the following countries, USA, France, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Corsica and Kenya

It’s not all work and no play, we place a strong emphasis on adventurous training opportunities.

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