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106 Regiment RA

Air Defence Regiment

106 (Yeomanry) Regiment is a truly unique unit within the Royal Artillery, not only is it the Army's only reserve Air Defence Regiment, but it is one with a dual capability of the High Velocity Missile (HVM) making it the most versatile Regiment of its type.

Anti Aircraft Firing Units

Based in London and with units on the South Coast, 106 Regiment provides reinforcements such as Anti Aircraft Firing Units to Regular Army regiments in times of need.


High Velocity Missile (HVM) System SP & LML

Is equipped with the deadly High Velocity Missile (HVM) System and is the Reserve Army's only specialist Close Air Defence regiment. HVM flies at twice the speed of sound, and we operate it in both the armored (SP) Self Propelled role at 295 Battery and 457 Battery in Portsmouth and Southampton and also in the Lightweight Multiple Launcher (LML) role at 265 Battery in SE London.

Uniquely, HVM Gunners are required to find the best location for their weapon system, and make snap decisions about potential targets. The soldiers of 106 Regiment Royal Artillery are highly trained, highly skilled individuals who operate very technical equipment in arduous conditions. This is the result of dedication, hard work, quality training and many deployments with their regular paired unit 12 Regiment RA based at Thorney Island near Portsmouth.

What is the Army Reserve?

Without the Army Reserve the British Army would not be able to function. Accounting for one quarter of the Army's total capability, the Reserve has a vital role to play in military operations, both abroad and closer to home. It cannot do this without the contribution of its members - motivated people committed to achieving challenging goals; social people hungry for new and interesting experiences; everyday people intent on getting more out of life.

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