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103 Regiment RA

Light Gun

Powerful, compact but mobile, the light gun can be transported anywhere on the battlefield.  You and your crew go with it into action, by road, by landing craft or by helicopter.

About 103 Regiment

Advanced Artillery Systems

103 Regt are a close knit and thriving regiment which trains on and deploys with some of the Army's most advanced Artillery systems. We regularly exercise overseas as well as play a full part on operations. However we do more than just military training with members enjoying a range of social, sporting and adventurous training opportunities.

Fire Support Teams (FSTs)

Our light role regiment is organised into Fire Support Teams (FSTs) to find the enemy and our gun batteries provide the firepower for the strike. Our dismounted FSTs find the enemy on the battlefield using lightweight lasers, MSTAR radars, thermal observation and night vision equipment.

Our three gun batteries equipped with Light Guns are highly mobile and air mobile. Once the enemy location is identified, the FST coordinates guns, mortars, attack helicopters and fast jets to deliver a devastating strike.

Recruiting Area

The Regiment is based in the North West of England with training centres in St Helens, Bolton, Manchester and Liverpool and in the midlands we have a training centre in Wolverhampton.

Recruiting is the highest priority after support to Operations, the Regimental Recruiting Team attend several key events throughout the year.

Without the Army Reserve the British Army would not be able to function. Accounting for one quarter of the Army's total capability, the Reserve has a vital role to play in military operations, both abroad and closer to home. It cannot do this without the contribution of its members - motivated people committed to achieving challenging goals, social people hungry for new and interesting experiences, everyday people intent on getting more out of life. People like you!

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