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The North East Gunners

4th Regiment Royal Artillery is one of the Royal Artillery's Gun Regiments.

4th Regiment

The Regiment was formed as 4th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery at Helmieh in Egypt in May 1939. The Regiment served throughout the Second World War and largely remained in Germany until the 27th June 1961, when it re-titled to 4th Regiment Royal Artillery.

Freedom of Sunderland

In 1982 the Regiment served with 5th Airborne Brigade in the Falklands Conflict and shortly after moved to Osnabruck where it converted to the M109 155mm Self-Propelled gun and later the AS90. The Regiment moved to Alanbrooke Barracks in North Yorkshire in 2008, where it remains today. The Regiment is honoured to have been awarded the Freedom of Sunderland and has always maintained strong links with the Northeast of England. The Regiment served six tours of Northern Ireland between 1972 and 2003 and served in the Balkans, Iraq and returned from its third tour of Afghanistan in April 2013.

105mm Light Gun

Today the Regiment is equipped with the 105mm Light Gun and comprises of six batteries: 6/36 (Arcot 1751) Bty, 3/29 (Corunna) Bty, 129 (Dragon) Bty, 88 (Arracan) Bty, 94 Headquarters (New Zealand) Bty and 94 Bty (Lawson’s Company). Under Army 2020 the Regiment will move to the Adaptive Force and is partnered with 103 Regiment Royal Artillery.