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The Liverpool & Manchester Gunners

We are the firepower behind 7th Armoured Brigade - The Desert Rats - using the AS90, the most advanced 155mm self-propelled artillery gun in service with the British Army.

Desert Rats

Our regiment is organised into Fire Support Teams (FSTs) to find the enemy and our gun batteries provide the firepower for the strike. Our FSTs find the enemy on the battlefield in Warrior Observation Post Vehicles, using lasers, thermal observation and night vision equipment.

Our three gun batteries are equipped with 18 AS90 self propelled guns, capable of firing over 24 km. Once the enemy location is identified, the FST coordinates guns, mortars, attack helicopters and fast jets to deliver a devastating strike. We have fired AS90 in Iraq and our soldiers are trained to serve with Light Gun in Afghanistan.

Light Gun

The versatile 105 mm Light Gun is used by the Parachute and Commando Field Artillery Regiments of the British Army.The Light Gun can be towed by a medium-weight vehicle, or carried around the battlefield under slung by a Puma or Chinook helicopter.