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The Royal Tank Regiment

Formed during World War One, the Royal Tank Regiment is the oldest tank Regiment in the world.

The Regiment has been deployed on operations throughout its history, including most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan. Equally comfortable on the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank, or on a Warthog or Mastiff in Afghanistan, we remain proven deliverers of excellence in mounted close combat. Our thirst for professionalism and excellence is in built into our way of life, it is our ethos.

Amalgamation of the First and Second Royal Tank Regiments

In July 2012 it was announced that the First and Second Royal Tank Regiments would be amalgamated as an element of Army re-structuring. The new Regiment is comprised of 6 squadrons, they are as follows:

  • AJAX: A Challenger 2 based Armoured Squadron.
  • BADGER: A Challenger 2 based Armoured Squadron.
  • CYCLOPS: A Challenger 2 based Armoured Squadron.
  • DREADNAUGHT: Command and Reconnaissance Squadron.
  • EGYPT: Headquarters Squadron.
  • FALCON: CBRN Area Survey and Reconnaissance Squadron.

The Regiment formally amalgamated in August 2014 and is now established in Tidworth, Wiltshire as an element of 1 (Armoured Infantry) Brigade.

The Future

The Regiment will complete a full training year in 2015 culminating in a six week live fire exercise in BATUS, Canada. This will prepare the Regiment to enter readiness to deploy on operations at short notice from January 2016.

Mastiffs in convoy

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