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A day in the life of a QDG soldier

0800 - 0900 Physical Training (PT) - This can range from a steady state run, to circuits through to activities such as battle PT which can include activities like stretcher races and unarmed combat all taught by QDG Physical Training Instructors.
0900 - 0930 Breakfast - All meals are ‘Pay as You Dine’ so you only pay for what you eat. The cookhouse offers a varied choice in meals at a very reasonable price.
0930 – 1230 Morning work - This can vary greatly from working on the vehicles to having lessons on weapons systems or tactics or to being practicing your skills on a local training area.
1230 - 1330 Lunch
1330 – 1630 Afternoon workActivities will usually be similar as to the morning activities. Within barracks Wednesday afternoon is dedicated to sports of which there is a large selection of at the QDG.
1630 - 1830 Dinner
1830 onwards In the evening the soldiers tend to relax, playing video games, watching dvds or going to the on camp bar to watch some football. The good thing is these activities are usually done with your mates - there is always someone else around!

Single soldiers tend to live on camp whilst married soldiers will live on the 'married patch', the Defence accommodation which is rented to them. These consist of flats or houses depending on size of family.

So how does a new Trooper in 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards find being in the 'Welsh Cavalry'?

Tpr Joshua Howells

"As with any new experience, like going to a new school, I was initially nervous about joining the Regiment after Phase 2 training. The boys and regiment really welcomed me well tho. Yes you are away from home, but I’m now used to that and enjoy the independence.

"One of the first things I was lucky enough to do was 2 weeks skiing in Bavaria, Germany, having never been before this was a great experience and I was even told I should come back as an instructor! Since then I have been to both Cardiff and London to support a charity for children with terminal illnesses which was a very moving experience, seeing such brave young children fighting such awful illnesses.

"Currently I am on live firing ranges, driving my Scimitar armoured vehicle tactically across the area as an integral part of my Troop. We are training to go to Canada with the Regiment for a big exercise in July. So far I have really enjoyed my time with the regiment and look forward to the future."

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