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The Royal Yeomanry

The Royal Yeomanry is the senior Light Cavalry Army Reserve regiment, based in London, Croydon, Windsor, Swindon, Nottingham and Leicester.

Royal Yeomanry: senior light cavalry regiment.The Royal Yeomanry is the senior Light Cavalry regiment in the Army Reserve. Our role is to provide a rapidly-deployable force with fast mobility and substantial firepower. We provide reconnaissance, security and, if the situation demands it, decisive tactical effects by raiding and attacking the enemy. We are based in London, Croydon, Swindon, Windsor, Nottingham and Leicester.

Our reservist soldiers train to patrol and fight in armoured landrovers (RWMIKs) which carry heavy machine guns, seeking out the enemy, reporting their positions and fixing them in place so that they can be destroyed.
To do this our soldiers need to be fit, adaptable and self-reliant, prepared to work in small teams in any weather conditions to get the job done.

They need to be as confident sending a vital radio message while driving cross-country as they are carrying out a covert night patrol or manning an Observation Post, or dismounting and fighting as infantry at close quarters, a mix of activities which few other units can match.

In recent years, Royal Yeomanry soldiers have travelled as far afield as Denmark, Kenya and Kazakhstan on training as well as on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Life in the Royal Yeomanry.As with all Army Reserve units, training takes place on evenings and at weekends allowing you to fit an army career alongside your civilian job and you will be paid for the time that you attend. Alongside our military training Royal Yeomanry soldiers have a highly active social and sporting life.

Whether you want to cycle, ski, sail, or take part in any other sport there are opportunities within the regiment. For most of these you will be paid for attending and many activities are subsidised. Camaraderie with the regiment is second to none with many social events taking place throughout the year.

To find out more about the opportunities available, visit your local Squadron where you will be able to ask any questions you might have.

Live for the weekend

Live for the weekend

As an Army Reserve unit, training takes place on evenings and at weekends allowing you to fit an army career alongside your civilian job.

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