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The Royal Dragoon Guards

The Royal Dragoon Guards is an Armoured Cavalry regiment currently based in Catterick, North Yorkshire as part of 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade (The Iron Fist). In recent years The Regiment has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and recently deployed on Operation HERRICK 17 in Helmand Province to help develop the Afghan Security Forces.

The Regiment comprises five squadrons; a Command and Support Squadron, three Sabre squadrons and a Headquarters squadron. Currently equipped with the CVR(T) range of vehicles, the Regiment will take ownership for the SV Reconnaissance family of vehicles in a few years time. This will include Scout, the Army’s newest and most technologically advanced platform, bringing game changing reconnaissance.

In more recent years, the RDG has completed two tours of Iraq and two of Afghanistan, which have seen the Regiment display its flexibility and expertise in Close Combat, whether mounted on a variety of armoured vehicles or operating on our feet.

Our purpose is to be an aggressive reconnaissance force able to conduct tasks in all environments organised as Armoured Cavalry Battle Groups or in smaller groupings in support of Armoured and Armoured Infantry battle Groups. On these pages you can find out about

  • How to join, rejoin, or get in contact with us.
  • The Regiment on operations.
  • Our Regimental history, which goes back over 350 years.

About us


Our primary role is to provide a formation with ground mounted manned and armoured reconnaissance and a strike component.

Join us

Soldier on operations

We recruit across Yorkshire, Northern Ireland as well as throughout the UK and Commonwealth countries.


Soldier driving vehicle

We deployed to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK 17, helping to develop Afghan security forces.

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