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The Queen's Royal Lancers

The Queen’s Royal Lancers are 12 Mechanized Brigade’s Reconnaissance Regiment based in Catterick, North Yorkshire. We returned from a successful operational tour of Afghanistan in May 2013 and are currently training for contingency operations. Our famous capbadge, represents our Regimental Motto, 'Death or Glory' and is one of the most recognisable in the British Army.

Recent operations

Since forming from 2 distinguished regiments (the 17th/21st Lancers and the 16th/5th Lancers) in 1993, the Queen's Royal Lancers have deployed to every recent major Theatre of Operations, including Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Viking in Afghanistan

Reconnaissance role

Reconnaissance soldiers are the eyes and ears of the Brigade. Trained to operate up to 50 kms in front of lead combat units, our soldiers are able to deliver up to date, accurate information and intelligence about the enemy.

The Recce soldier must be adaptable, enduring and be able to operate in all conditions. Tasks include scouting for information, clearing or denying routes, controlling fast jets and covert observation of enemy locations and movements.

Scimitar in Afghanistan

As a Brigade Reconnaissance Regiment the Queen’s Royal Lancers conduct operations both mounted, primarily on Scimitar armoured vehicles and on foot. Consequently our soldiers must be fit, tenacious, and have the ability to understand the bigger picture on the battlefield.

As part of a wider restructuring of the British Army, the Regiment has been selected to take on the newly conceived Armoured Cavalry role. As a result, we look forward to receiving the new Scout variant of armoured vehicle currently in development.

Dismounted patrol in Afghanistan


Outside work there are plenty of opportunities for sport and adventurous training. Each winter, we send teams away for bobsleigh, luge, snowboarding, alpine and Nordic skiing; recently achieving significant success at Army level competition. Other recent adventurous training includes multi-activity expeditions in South Africa, Canada and Scotland.


The essence of being a Queen’s Royal Lancer is encompassed by our Regimental ethos:

‘All of one company’
‘Do as you ought, not as you want’
‘Think to the finish’

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