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116 Provost Company

Based in both Cannock and Manchester, 116 Provost Company is a fully integrated sub-unit of 3rd Regiment Royal Military Police, part of the newly formed 1MP Brigade, which intertwines regular and reserve sub-units.

Do you feel up for the challenge?

The Royal Military Police is a unique, distinct and necessary arm of the British Army. As an Army Reserve unit we are looking for fit, motivated and dynamic men and women who are determined to excel in soldiering and policing duties.

Upon joining 116 Provost Company you will be trained to support your regular counterparts on operations and on firm base policing tasks,  upholding law and order in the British Army. In recent years 116 Provost Company has undertaken a number of operational tours to Afghanistan and Iraq. Individuals from the company have also deployed to Kenya, Canada and Cyprus in both training and policing roles. Members of the company where also mobilised for OP COMET, which provided security to the Commonwealth Games, where they conducted policing duties alongside regular counterparts and Police Scotland. Members of the Company also have deployed in Close Protection (CP) teams worldwide, in countries including; Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The RMP now find themselves on the front line in support of the fighting troops both policing the force and providing police support to the force. As a reserve unit we are no different.

RMP specific roles include:

• Conducting close combat support policing
• Providing surety for detention operations
• Close protection
• Host nation police monitoring
• Forensic and evidence gathering
• Acting as first responders for the investigation of attacks on British troops in theatre

116 Provost Company Opportunities:

• Joint patrols with civilian police and our regular counterparts
• Overseas deployment
• Military Skills competitions
• Specialist courses
• Competitive fitness and endurance
• Sporting opportunities
• Adventurous Training, including skiing
• Social Events
• All Arms courses


On completion of your soldier and trade training you will join the unit as a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer (JNCO) and complete a range of career enhancing Basic Close Combat Skills and significant policing training.
Training is conducted on; Tuesday evenings, at weekends and on our Annual Deployment Exercise (ADE), normally conducted in October

Cannock Parade Night: Tuesday evenings between 19:30 - 21:30 hrs at Guyldford House Army Reserve Centre.

Manchester Parade Night: Tuesday evenings between 19:30 - 21:30 hrs at Belle Vue Army Reserve Centre.

You must be able to commit 27 days training per year which is made up of attendance on Tuesday evenings, weekends, ADE and other specific courses.

Entry Requirements

To join the unit candidates must:

• Be between 17.5 to 43 years of age
• Be physically fit and active
• Hold a provisional driving license
• Hold a current theory driving test pass
• Have no unspent criminal convictions or cautions

Please start you application today by filling the online application form:


For further information and advice please contact our Regimental Recruiting and Mentoring Team (RRMT).

116 Provost Company
3rd Regiment Royal Military Police
Guyldford House Army Reserve Centre
156 Walsall Rd
WS11 0JB

Tel: 01543 465676

Email: 3RMP-116ProCoy-RRMT@mod.uk

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