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Army Legal Services

Army Legal Services is a branch of the Adjutant General's Corps, a specialist all-Officer branch. ALS is comprised of professionally qualified solicitors, barristers or Scottish advocates. The role of ALS is the provision of legal support to the Army.

ALS is commanded by the Director General of the Army Legal Services (DGALS). He is responsible for providing:

  • Legal advice to the Army chain of command
  • Legal training for the Army on operations and operational legal support in theatre
  • Army prosecutors for the Service Prosecuting Authority
  • Personal legal advice service for soldiers and their families when deployed overseas.

DGALS is supported by 3 Brigadiers:

  • Director Legal Advisory
  • Brigadier Operational Law
  • Deputy Director Service Prosecutions

Remaining ALS Officer ranks range from Captain to Colonel. Currently there are:

  • 10 Colonels
  • 36 Lieutenant Colonels
  • 40 Majors
  • 40 Captains