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Cambridge University OTC is formed by the students of University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge), University of East Anglia (Norwich), University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield) and Essex University (Colchester).

Cambridge UOTCAt Cambridge UOTC our leadership development program is set to the same standards of military training that all Officers must undergo at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. In addition we offer access to unmatched adventure training exercises, both in the UK and abroad, a varied social calendar and the chance to enhance your CV regardless of whether you are intending to join the Army or simply enjoying the excitement in your spare time.

Why join?

Our aim is not to recruit, but we do encourage and assist those with interest and aptitude in considering a Regular Army career or continuing to serve as a Reserve after graduation.

If you train with CUOTC you can gain valuable experience that could set you apart in a competitive job market. All Officer Cadets in CUOTC have the opportunity to gain a Level 5 award in Management and Leadership through the Chartered Management Institute. In addition, with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst leadership program you will have the chance to hone man-management and practical leadership skills that come with the stamp of approval of the British Army's Officer Corps.

What we do

We conduct training in Norwich on Monday evenings and in Cambridge on Tuesday evenings. Students pick their closest location and train on either a Monday or a Tuesday. Beyond that there are a number of weekends over the academic year, starting in October, when you can conduct visits to parts of the Army like the Royal Artillery, the Royal Engineers or the Royal Armoured Corps. On these visits you will get the chance to use current equipment used by front line troops.

During the summer recess we run a 2-week camp that includes live-firing, a field exercise and adventurous training. This gives the Officer Cadets a chance to put into practice all the skills they have learnt throughout the year.


Cambridge UOTC has approximately 300 students spread among 3 Companies that are roughly aligned to years of academic study:

• A (Kimberly) Company – 1st Year
• B (Ladysmith) Company – 2nd Year
• C (Mafeking) Company – 3rd Year

The training program starts introducing leadership alongside basic skills. Once competent, Officer Cadets then focus on developing their leadership skills. As an Officer Cadet reaches senior status in CUOTC they practice and hone their leadership techniques as an instructor.


Cambridge UOTC will be at all of the university fresher’s fairs and we will hold two open evenings and ask all interested students to attend a medical induction day to ensure that they are fit to conduct UOTC training. All details can be found by contacting the UOTC either by email or telephone.

Our history

The history of the Cambridge University Officer Training Corps dates back to 1803 when students at the University formed the 'Rifle Volunteers' in apprehension of French invasion.

The Cambridge University Rifle Volunteers (CURV) grew to around 500 members around the time of the Boer War and a detachment was sent to South Africa to augment the Suffolk Regiment, the only university unit ever to see active service.

This action earned the CURV the Battle Honour 'South Africa 1900-01'. The CURV became the CUOTC in 1908.

CUOTC recruiting for the 2014-15 academic year

If you want to find out more, join us for drinks and dinner at one of our open evenings either in Norwich on 29 September or in Cambridge on 10 October. If you are unable to attend a fresher’s fair please contact the Adjutant on 0122 3247818 for timings and event details.

The Light Blue Volunteers

CUOTC maintains firm links with its alumni through an association known as The Light Blue Volunteers (LBV). Many alumni have gone on to achieve great things in industry and the Army, and we keep in touch through regular events. The present Head of the Army, Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Peter Wall, is a former member and now the current Honorary Colonel of the Cambridge UOTC.

If you have served in Cambridge UOTC and wish to join the LBV then please email the Adjutant: UOTCCambridge-RHQ-Adjt@mod.uk 

Contact CUOTC

Telephone: 01223 247818

Email: UOTCCambridge-RHQ-Adjt@mod.uk

Cambridge UOTC
Army Reserve Centre, Coldham's Lane