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University Officer Training Corps Birmingham (UOTC Birmingham) has a rich and longstanding history of providing leadership training to selected university students, designed to develop self-awareness and self-confidence alongside primary academic study.

What we offer

At its core, Birmingham UOTC offers students the opportunity to develop career-enhancing skills including leadership, teamwork, communication and organisation.

Training is conducted in a military environment, however there is absolutely no commitment to join the British Army. The above skills can very readily be applied to all manner of civilian employment and considerably boost the employability of our graduates. Officer Cadets come from all academic backgrounds and alumni include scientists, midwives, engineers, lawyers, musicians, linguists, doctors and indeed army officers!

We develop career enhancing skills through a combination of the following:

  • Military training (including military skills weekends and annual two-week deployment)
  • Adventurous training (including skiing, rock climbing, parachuting, sailing)
  • Formal social events and a highly active student social calendar.
  • Team Sports

We offer to pay you for time spent training or competing for our sports teams. What’s more, and given the competitive rates of pay, many Officer Cadets use the UOTC as a fun and engaging form of part-time employment to complement their student loans.

Training is challenging but progressive, with basic skills such as map reading, weapon handling and first aid being taught at the earlier stages, and more advanced activities such as section attacks, recces and platoon attacks being covered as Officer Cadets progress. For those who wish to take their military career further—be it through the Army Reserve or the Regular Army—the UOTC advances selected Officer Cadets through the Reserve Commissioning Course and acts as a fantastic platform for those wishing to attend the Regular Course at the end of their university studies.

Join us

Freshers Fair recruitment is over for this academic year, but if you missed us earlier in the year and are interested in the UOTC then you can still get in touch.

Step 1 Contact us on our email address: RMAS-Gp-OTC-Birmingham-Joining@mod.uk

Step 2 – Attend an open evening at our Army Reserve Centre

Step 3 – Pass Selection

Step 4 – Attend a condensed course at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Alternatively you can catch us at Freshers fairs across the West Midlands between September and October at the start of the next academic year.

Contact us

Telephone: 0121 449 3741

Email: RMAS-Gp-OTC-Birmingham-joining@mod.uk

UOTC Birmingham
Montgomery House, Stoney Lane
Birmingham. B12 8AT