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University Officer Training Corps Birmingham (UOTC Birmingham) is a military organisation that develops the leadership ability, self-awareness and self-confidence of selected students throughout their time at University.

Thinking of joining us

There are three simple steps:


Step 1

Find us at a Freshers’ Fair recruitment event, at a January/February recruiting event or contact us directly with the information below.  We will have stands often outside the Freshers’ Fair events (they do get crowded inside!) manned by current members of the Officer Training Corps who will answer all your questions.


Birmingham UOTC will attend the following Freshers’ Fairs:


Aston University 25/09/16

Birmingham City University 14/09/16- 16/09/16

Coventry University TBC

Harper Adams 01/01/16 – 02/01/16

Keele University 26/09/16 – 27/09/16

Staffordshire University 14/09/16

University College Birmingham 14/09/16

University of Birmingham 21/09/16 – 23/09/16

University of Warwick 01/10/16 – 02/10/16

Wolverhampton University 28/09/16 – 29/09/16

Worcester University 19/09/16 (Provisional)


Step 2

Attend a UOTC look at life evening.  Come to the unit locations for a familiarisation visit.  There will be a series of presentations and stands to give you a flavour of what we do.  The briefing evenings will be:


Birmingham Army Reserve Centre

Briefing night 1 – 21/09/16

Briefing night 2 – 28/09/16

Briefing night 3 – date tbc 


Step 3

Assessment weekend. Each year we have far more people wanting to join than spaces, so applicants are invited to attend an assessment weekend which enables you to look at what we do and for us to look at you. This is not Special Forces selection and will include a social event and be good fun; we just want to see if you really want to join.

The selection weekend will take place on (TBC).

Who are we?

Established in 1900, Birmingham UOTC has provided a challenging and exciting environment for students for over a century. Open to students across the entire of the West Midlands, BUOTC provides an opportunity to develop numerous skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and organisation within a military environment. As a member of the Sandhurst Group, the UOTC will provide some of the best training available, in line with that of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Despite many members commissioning into both the Regular Army and Army Reserve, there is absolutely no commitment whatsoever to join, either during university or after it. However, whether you join the army or not, the UOTC will provide everyone with valuable skills and set them miles above their university peers with regards to employability. In order to make training with the UOTC as beneficial as possible, there is a wide variety of activities and and training on offer. This can range from military training whilst on exercise, to adventurous training around the UK and the world, as well as numerous sports. These elements vary greatly, and as you progress through training, it will become more challenging as you gain more responsibility, but ultimately extremely enjoyable and worthwhile. There is also a large social element to the training, and the organisation itself, and BUOTC is very much a close knit establishment. 


The UOTC training programme is moulded around the university timetable, and is designed to cater to students. Weekly training is conducted on a Wednesday evening, from 1700-2100, which includes dinner and social time in the Mess afterwards.

Training continues on weekends, with a total of 7 being held each year held at camps across the West Midlands and Wales. On top of this, a 2 week annual camp is held at the start of the summer break. Additional courses can be available to those who wish to progress towards a reserve commission whilst at the UOTC.

Military Training

The nature of military training will vary where you are in your UOTC career. Your first year will include basic skills such as weapon handling, map reading, First Aid, living and working in the field, as well as more exciting activities such as section attacks, recces and platoon attacks. This will prepare you for the second year which touches more on the officership side. You will be taught the process by which orders are planned and given, as well as being given more responsibility and control whilst on exercise as you command sections and platoons. The third year continues the trend of responsibility. You will be given the opportunity to help the development of the next generation of Officer Cadets, as well as there being a great deal of opportunities to develop yourself. If you pursue a Reserve Commission whilst with the UOTC, you will have the opportunity to command and manage your own platoon, and lead them both on exercise and through training.


 As an organisation made up entirely of students, the social side is extremely important. There is an opportunity to relax at the end of every training evening, as well as there being numerous events throughout the year, including, a Christmas Dinner, Burns Night, a Spring Ball and the Regimental Dinner. In addition to these, BUOTC holds and annual Cocktail Party where Officer Cadets will have the opportunity to host various sponsors and supporters of the UOTC, and is an excellent opportunity to practice hosting and people skills.

Sports and AT

The UOTC is by no means all about military training and there are a wide variety of sports available. These include rugby, football, netball, hockey, polo and many more. If you are passionate about a sport then the UOTC is  a great place to play, or even set up a team. Each year, we compete against other UOTCs at the Queen's Cup, held at RMAS. Adventurous training is also extremely important. Birmingham UOTC has conducted numerous expeditions such as mountaineering in Bavaria, skiing in the French Alpes, hill walking in Wales as well as kayaking and canoeing. Not only will you be able to travel and try new things, you will also be paid to do so.

Universities we serve

We are supported by the Military Education Committee which is made up of representatives from each of the Universities we serve. These are:

• Aston University
• Birmingham University
• Birmingham City University
• Coventry University
• Harper Adams University College
• Keele University
• Newman University College
• Staffordshire University
• Stoke University
• University College Birmingham
• Warwick University
• Wolverhampton University
• Worcester University

UOTC Birmingham was formed in 1900 and has since then provided students with a taste of Army life. Members gain a valuable insight into leadership and management and many go on to become officers in the Regular Army or the Army Reserve.

Existing members can find more information on the UOTC Birmingham community and forum on ArmyNET. Follow the link on the right.

Contact us

Telephone: 0121 449 3741

Email: UOTCBirmingham-joining@mod.uk

UOTC Birmingham
Montgomery House, Stoney Lane
Birmingham. B12 8AT