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University Officer Training Corps

The mission of the University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) is to develop the leadership potential of selected university students and raise awareness of the Army ethos.

Unique opportunity

An Officer CadetThe UOTC presents students with a unique opportunity to challenge themselves by partaking in military exercises, adventurous training, community projects and expeditions both in the UK and overseas.

There are 18 UOTCs throughout the UK, each of which serves the universities in a distinct geographic area. Those serving larger areas may have several detachments. Each UOTC is effectively an independent regiment, with its own cap badge, its own stable belt and its own customs and traditions.

Officer Cadet

OTC members are classed as Officer Cadets (OCdt) and are members of the Army Reserve, paid when on duty. UOTC members cannot be mobilised for active service. OCdts can gain appointments as a Junior Under Officer (JUO) or a Senior Under Officer (SUO) and can also apply to the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) which, if they pass, leads to the opportunity to attempt the Army Reserve Commissioning Course with the goal of a commission as a Second Lieutenant.

There is a basic standard of fitness expected of OCdts, the higher the standard, the more you will get out of the UOTC. You will be issued with all the kit needed for your time in the UOTC, which will need to be returned when you leave

OCdts have no obligation to join the armed forces when they leave university and can resign from the OTC at any time. The UOTC is led by officers and non-commissioned officers, who function as instructors and support staff, from the Regular Army, Army Reserve and Non Regular Permanent Staff.

An intake of new Officer Cadets usually occurs every September/October. Find out what basic requirements you need to join.

With UOTC you will gain valuable experience which will look great on any CV. On top of this, you get paid while you train!

Military training

UOTC military training

Weekly training nights are used to build up your theory and basic practical lessons.

Adventurous Training & sport


Third and second year students play an active role in organising and leading teams.

Social life

UOTC social stock pic

‘Work hard, play hard’ is a simple concept that is followed by most of the UOTCs.

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